6 Hacks to Make Your Baby Sleep at Night
by Julie A. | February 3rd , 2019
Sleep like a baby...
Kids! Those little bundles of joy that you sometimes want to rent out to someone. Yeah, it can get really frustrating, especially for new moms. 

It feels like they suck up everything and leave you with less: less alone time, less time with your partner, less privacy, less money, and worse – less sleep. 

When I hear people use the ‘sleep like a baby’ phrase, I just whisper ‘not like mine’. It's as though they never sleep and even when they do, it doesn’t last longer than an episode of Game of Thrones.

Even worse, they don’t just keep you up, they cry too. Shoot me already! 
Well, thanks to my ‘new mom’ group, I have picked up a few hacks that make my baby sleep through the night and even nap longer during the day.
P.S. it is not magical. But I hope one of these tips works for you. Good luck!

1. Swaddle Does the Trick
Although this might not work for every mom, using a swaddle does work for most moms. 

Babies desire to be held stem for the fact that they are yet to gain a sense of balance causing them to feel as though they were falling. Sometimes you find them jerking abruptly out of sleep. 

A swaddle helps give them a sense of stability while making them feel like they are being held. So, they tend to be more relaxed. Consequently, sleeping longer and better than they would without the swaddle.

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2. Keep the Crib Warm
A good way to get your baby to sleep is to keep the crib warm. Who wants to sleep in a chilly crib? Not babies! Even adults would prefer to sleep in a warm bed than a cold one. The same applies to babies. 

Warming up the crib increases your chances of getting your baby to sleep sooner and longer. You could place a warm bottle on the crib to give it a warm feel but be sure to check the temperature of the crib before placing your baby in it.
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FUN FACT: newborn babies sleep an average of 17 hours per day, but rarely stay asleep for more than 2 to 4 hours. 
3. Songs Work Too
One fun fact about getting babies to sleep is that there is almost no hard and fast rule about it. What worked for your first child may not work for your second baby. Which is why some parents end up trying several tricks until one stick. 

And some songs have a way of serenading babies. Most times moms stumble upon the right song by chance. When you find it, keep it. Never lose it!
4. Feed Your Baby Just Before Bed

Well fed babies tend to sleep better and longer. One of the many reasons babies wake up just a few minutes after they drift into sleep is hunger. 

Hunger impedes sleeping even for adults. Try feeding your baby just before placing him in the crib. This tip works best when combined with other tips.
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5. Pay Attention to the Lighting

The sleep hormone (I like to call it the darkness hormone) can easily be repressed by light. 

The human body sleep-wake alarm is controlled by the amount of light we are exposed to. This principle works for babies too. Try investing in blackout shades or curtains.
6. Longer Naps Means Shorter Sleep
I know you just want him out of the way so you can go about your daily activities unperturbed. But making him sleep all day means he will be up for a greater part of the night. You don’t want that. 

Consequently, it is crucial to monitor the amount of time your baby spends on each nap, an hour thirty minutes should do it. You can increase this if you feel your baby needs more, especially while recuperating.

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