A Guide To Parental Control On All Devices

By Julia Whittaker, November. 15th 2018
Smartphones. Tablets. Gaming systems. With so many options, it seems almost impossible to limit what (and how much) your child views. Don’t worry: We’ve got a plan to regain control. 
Safe Browsing by Age

How much freedom should you give your child on the Web? Follow these guidelines from Caroline Knorr, senior parenting editor at Common Sense Media.

For Kids Under 5: Build a “white list.” Choose a handful of sites you’re comfortable with, and plug them into the device your child uses. As he gets older and needs greater access, simply add to the list.

For Kids 5 to 8: Use a kid-friendly browser. Disable the browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) on your child’s device by going to Settings. Then replace it with a kid-friendly one that you download from the app store. Consider Mobicip (free), which lets her access only sites it identifies as safe. Mobicip offers three filtering levels—strict, moderate, and mature—and lets you block specific domains, website categories, and keywords.

For 9 and Up: Go with Google SafeSearch. Paired with the controls built into your operating system and browser, this search engine does an effective job of filtering explicit images and content. On a computer, go to the preferences section in Google, click “Turn on SafeSearch” and then “Lock SafeSearch.” On a mobile device, go to Google, click “Settings,” then select “Search settings” and choose “Filter explicit results.” Repeat for each browser.
Safe Browsing On All Devices

Parental Controls: Most devices offer a parental control feature. This allows you to use a passcode to shut off access to many apps and features; filter music, movies, TV shows, websites, and apps by rating or age; and restrict your child’s browsing to sites you specify.

Limits/Tracking: Protecting parents opt often sign up for a service that provides full arental control support. You need to sign up for a third party service (PublicSeek). With this setup you get e-mail reports of your child’s Web, app, and game activity. You are also able to check up on communication and help them stay safe. 

Where To Start: Using your browser, go to the PublicSeek website, sign into your account > click “create report" to get started on setting up your parental control 

Using tools like Publicseek can help you in the toughest job you'll ever have: being a good parent. 

Tip: Need more help setting parental controls in a specific device? Google the name of your device and “parental controls.” There’s a good chance that another parent has made a how-to video. (BTW: Thank you!)

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