How To Get Your Teen To Talk You - 
5 Practical Steps

By Fiona Roberts - September 19th, 2018
Does this sound familiar?: 

You feel like you and your teen live in two different galaxies— while your teen is more interested in what they will wear to school, what their friends are saying on Snapchat or that pimple on their nose, you are asking yourself if they are on drugs, if they are thinking about college, if they are having sex yet... but everytime you bring up the subject they shut down. And the more you push, the more defensive and moody they get. 
"Your teen is more interested in what they will wear to school, what their friends are saying on Snapchat or that pimple on their nose"
We all know this situation: we prepare their favorite dinner in an effort to have a conversation with our teen and after 10min of watching them slouch, fidget and grunt we end up enraged and eventually screaming at them. 

The divide is real, teens are notoriously uncommunicative with their parents. There is, however, an art involved in successful communication. Below is a list of tips and tricks you should definitely try the next time you want to talk to your teen: 
1. Control your emotions: teens have a problem dealing with adult emotions. Don’t push them, at the end of the day, they are not responsible for how you feel.

2. Keep it positive and casual: a teen will check out when they feel pressure, if you keep it breezy your teen will let down their guard.

3. Don’t play detective: Don’t interrogate them, don’t ask how long they’ve known their new friend, what their parents are like, or push for information in any way. Whenever they share something just smile and say “oh that sounds fun”.

4. Listen and watch your tongue: listen attentively and no judging or criticizing. Your kids need to know they can tell you anything without you reacting.

5. Share about your day too: part of making your teen feel more like a grownup is an equal exchange of information, tell him about your stuff, be real with them in a non-threatening way.

Remember: You are not alone. Be as supportive as you can and keep at it!
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